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Divide the Task, Multiply the Success!

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Virtual Assistant

You may have reached a time in your business where you can’t deny the fact that YOU NEED HELP!

You got into business to be your own boss, have some flexibility and make money of course!

There are only so many hours in a day, and only so much one person can do.

The most convenient place to start, hands down, is hiring a VA, which in case you don’t know already stands for Virtual Assistant.

AKA a remote worker with no strings attached.

Successful Entrepreneurs perform two things very well:

  1. They proceed with business objectives strategically.

  2. They make optimal utilisation of the available resources in the pursuit of profit, and remain positive on the outcome.

If you analyse the situation well, you will understand that you need a better alternative to hiring an employee, be it full-time or part-time alternatively there are temps or an intern. Temps and interns are short term solutions, employees are long term, but a Virtual Assistants could be either, whichever your business needs.

So consider the advantages of outsourcing to a VA.

difference between hiring a VA or an employee
VA vs Employee Table

Additional BIG BONUSES for opting for a VA

Save money - As you don’t have to provide office space, furnishings or equipment, leave allowances or any other employee benefits etc.

Every VA works from their own office environment and pay their own overheads.

According to Joe Hadzima, a columnist for the Boston Business Journal and lecturer at MIT's Sloan School of Management, the salary plus benefits usually totals “in the 1.25 to 1.4 times base salary range.” An AU$60,000 annual salary could, therefore, cost a firm up to $84,000 per year.

According to the Kelly Services Recruitment, the average cost of hiring alone was around $5000.

A client only pays for the actual time a VA spends on completing the task.

No money spent on bathroom visits, kitchen chats, coffee breaks, coming in late, leaving early, extra time on lunch breaks, time spent chatting with colleagues at the desk, the time-wasting list in an office can go on, but you get the point!

Less stress - You don’t have to worry about coordinating work schedules, working out who has time to do a task, who the best person for a task is, who is willing to do said task that is out of their job description. Simply send off the work to be done with a due date.

Save time, more money and more stress - In-house staff will probably require training. A VA is already proficient with the latest tools and technology to do the job.

Unlike an employee, a VA knows and understands the challenges of running a business and has the ability to see the big picture.

Flexibility - A VA can be available at all different times, depending when you need it. They can work for you ad hoc, or a set monthly arrangement which is always able to be updated as your needs change.

Security - As each client relationship is protected with a Confidentiality Agreement, you can be confident in the integrity of your VA and don’t need to worry about confidential company information being leaked in the breakout room.

Unlimited resources - VA’s are a part of large networks, thus they always have access to numerous connections who can be called upon to complete the job at any given moment should you need more hands on deck.

Drive business growth - Having an extra pair of hands on projects is essential to your business moving forward.

Remember - COLLABORATION is a powerful tool that will take your business to the next level. Your business can flourish with strategic partnerships and shared interests.

Explain to your VA everything about your business, then open up the virtual floor, and allow him/her to share ideas. As you get to know each other you will see substantial growth in production.

Reduced workload - VAs can decrease your work-related stress, and help you keep everything organised. They make sure that these tasks get completed within the stipulated time frame. They are multi-skilled over many areas, making them the closest things to the jack of all trades.

VA’s can focus on several crucial tasks on your behalf, freeing up time for you to work ON your business and put your focus where it needs to be. As a result your business can run smoothly and continue to move forward.

Hire your weaknesses - you can’t be great at everything, or enjoy doing all aspects of running a business. Outsourcing those task to someone who is proficient and passionate about those tasks, not only saves you time and money, but guarantees it will be a better job!

Gives you space to scale - Scaling requires additional manpower, so that the increasing work-volume can be managed properly.

Hiring virtual assistants will allow you to scale operations with less amount of risk. They have the efficiency to handle the additional volume of business and the flexible nature allowing them to manage business variables with ease while controlling expenses.

Guarantee for quality - One of the critical things for the optimal running of your business is building trust.

You can build a relationship of trust with your VA quite in the same manner as you do for your full-time employees.

Your VA acts on your behalf. They're dedicated to protecting your interests and company’s reputation and even more so, making it more attractive for your clients as they genuinely care.

Unlike some employees who may just be there to do their thing and get out, a VA has their own business and reputation to uphold, thus providing quality work in all aspects of their service is paramount.

Improve your online presence - Increasing the frequency of posts in social media will strengthen the identity of your brand. Additionally, you must pay heed to several aspects, such as:

  • prompt responses to consumer queries

  • creation of engaging content

  • promotional posts and activities

However, an active presence in social media requires a lot of time and persistence.

Think you can manage time for that?

Probably not that much…

So, how can you improve your social media engagement?

Well, here are the action steps:

Ask your VAs to offer you the best help in this field. By doing the essential things, they will help you increase the involvement of your consumers.

With all sorts of relevant expertise, they can increase the frequency of posts on social media. Thus, the identity of your brand will be strengthened significantly.

Focus on the core operations - As an entrepreneur, you need more time to focus on your core business functions.

Here are two things you should take a note of:

  • Things you can’t do yourself.

  • Things you shouldn’t be doing on your own.

There would also be several tasks about which you don’t have that much expertise. On the other hand, not everything requires your direct attention.

You can manage it all by simply asking your VAs to take care of your routine tasks. They would provide personal as well as administrative support, providing you with more time to focus on the most crucial aspects.

More work done in less time - As an entrepreneur, you work hard to get things done, but why go solo, when you have the option of hiring a talented VA?

Imagine using those hours to explore new business opportunities, growth options, or maybe time with your family.

Access to the best talent - You don’t have to be bothered about the geographical restrictions. This allows you free access to world-class talent.

And guess what world class talent is available to you, right here in Australia, so why send your business offshore when you can support locally and still save your business money. Australian Businesses for Australian Businesses.

When working out the true costs of hiring an employee versus outsourcing to a VA, a business not only benefits by having a more qualified, more experienced professional on hand, but once the math is done, the VA more often than not, comes in at a lower price!

More time, more money and less stress.. Who doesn’t want that!?

Click here to find the best fit for your business and get that ball rolling.

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