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You're a small business, your content strategy isn’t working. You have next to no views, your engagement is tanking and, worst of all, your sales are slipping away.

What YOU need is a magnetic marketing strategy.

Content that attracts your audience while you're not even working.
Content that delivers sales straight into the bank while you sleep.
Magnetic content.


Capital M in form of magnets


& attract your dream clients authentically

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Building your Business Image

1:1 Personalised Sessions


This is for you if 

  • You're just starting out or outgrown your current brand.

  • You're wanting to attract THE RIGHT customers, not just the followers.

  • You want all of the steps in the right order and to avoid detrimental mistakes by investing in a coach from the start!

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Ready to Scale

1:1 Personalised Sessions


This is for you if 

  • You're done looking for quick fixes you're ready for real results!

  • You want to know the how, what and why with someone who can actually support and guide you.

  • You understand what gets you to $3k months isn't what gets you to $30k months.


accountability buddy

Being your own boss can often mean you’re busy working more hours than you’d like to, but you also procrastinate!

You get overwhelmed, confused, and because you have no one to report to, no one ‘watching over your shoulder’ or keeping you accountable you don’t get things done as quickly as you’d like to!
I get it! So I will check in with you weekly.

Make sure you’re on track and offer the advice you need at the time.

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There are so many things you need to learn in the journey of building your own business.

Emma's way of coaching is so organised and simple but really effective.

She helped me create a very strong foundation for my coaching business and now I feel like have complete confidence and clarity around what I need to do.

She is really heart centred, she's always there for her clients and sincerely cares about their success.

One of the things I loved most, is she really tailor made each session specifically to my needs at that time, this you can not get from group business coaching.

I am so grateful I met Emma and worked with her past 4 months! 

Image of Sahori Smitham

Sahori Smitham, Queensland



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Growth Strategy Session

1 off session


This is for you if 

  • You want to know your growth options that will specifically work for your brand.

  • You want the blueprint of the steps you need to take

  • You're motivated and driven enough to get it all done yourself!



Just need some

Book and pay for 1 session at a time, just when you need it.

Maybe you’re not in a position to commit to ongoing coaching and you’re just looking for an adhoc sounding board that actually has valuable advice for your specific situation?

You can ask me anything and I’ll give you my best answers in the most succinct way for you to take on board and implement yourself, in your own time.

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Emma helped me align my goals, niche, target markets, social strategy, and other business-related materials required to help me have a clear direction and plan for how to take my business where I would like it to go!

I highly recommend her! She is a delight to work with!

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Hanadi Clark, New South Wales

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You won't go wrong with Emma's guidance!

I cannot recommend Emma enough, truly! Not only is she incredibly friendly, personable, and easy to work with, she is highly knowledgable at what she does and always seems to have a creative solution ready to go that fits your needs. She was also kind enough to assist me with my website even without me having to ask and it made a big difference.

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Nathan Cassar, New South Wales